Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sometimes a couple of artists get together and don't expect much from the meetings, except maybe some cafe sketches and coffee to be sipped. Sometimes those meetings can blossom into something wonderful. This is how Put it on Paper was born. Jane and I started to meet to draw and drink coffee. 2 artists needed an outlet from their work lives and started to talk and get great ideas.

Jane and I might be as different as artists can be but together we motivate and inspire one another. I'm totally stoked that our s artists dates spawned something as wonderful as Put it on Paper. I hope you think it's great too. I hope it inspires you to make an artist date with a friend.

I want to take a moment to thank our writers:
Eveline Timeless

Jazmine SirensIdyll
An'Angelia Thompson

And Ted Micu for letting me pester him with questions in such a way that shaped up to be a great interview.

Our advertisers for believing we could do this, even we had doubts:
Peg English- Peg’s Kitchen
Moira of Crafty Moira and Key Lime Supply
Kevin of Fountain Pen Revolution
Christy of GulfSprite
Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm
Tam of Willowing

Thank you all so much for your support as we put this first issue together. We’ve learned a lot about running a small zine, we’ve come up with some more ideas for issue 2 and think that issue 2 will be even more awesome.

Check us out on MagCloud:


  1. I read it in one sitting last night, and then re-read it! pretty awesome!

    1. :) I'm so happy. I hope you find inspiration in it's pages! It was a joy to create and work with the wonderful writers!

  2. Got my copy is wonderful.....I will continue to get it when it comes out each quarter. Thanks so much.