Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As you've probably guessed Put it on Paper is a new zine all about art journaling that Jane and I are putting together. Our mission is to offer inspiration and encouragement to our readers so that they may get in touch with their creative side through the practice of art journaling. We believe there is not right or wrong way to journal and that journaling is healthy play. We want to encourage people to explore their inner selves as well as their world through their art journal. We plan to focus on down-to-earth and do-it-yourself materials.

Our first issue comes out June 1st, 2012 and will feature articles by Eveline Hessels and SirensIdyll (Jazmin), an interview with Ted Micu, product reviews as well as techniques instruction. Each article will give you real art journaling insight from real art journalers as well as fantastic images. To accompany the zine we'll have a workbook called Put it on Paper: Challenge! It will feature a series of art journaling prompts inspired by the zine's articles in a slim carry-along-with-you-everywhere size.

We plan on publishing 4 issues a year via MagCloud. They'll each be available as a digital download and as a print option. It will give people an option to get a professionally printed and bound version of the zine without using an entire ink cartridge.

We're really excited and hope you are too!



  1. Hi leslie
    Learning what this is all about right now!

  2. Woo Hoo! What a great way to wake up! This is going to be a great place to explore. Yay!!

  3. @Sharon I think it's going to be great!

    @Daisy69778 It's only going to get more interesting from here!

  4. You have a fan in me, and I love your imagination for "Comfortable Shoes...."
    I love your videos that inform. Being new to art journaling and not always knowing what I am doing, I love that your philosophy is to just keep trying/playing!!! lol
    And now that you are having a journaling zine I am very happy and can't wait!!! And I will definitely want the paper "in my hnads" version to keep by my side as I play!!
    Good luck to the two of you in this new venture, altho I am not familiar with your partner Jane, I am sure you will make a good team.

  5. Great ideas, Les! Looking forward to hearing more from ya! Good luck, and sign me up.

  6. that sounds wonderful! I wish you well. How do I subscribe to the paper version. where do I email to find out about ad rates? Lydia

  7. Hey Lydia, I didn't realize the contact me button wasn't working you can email me directly at leslie(dot)herger(at)gmail(dot)com replace the parenthesis with the symbols. I reactivated the contact me button as well, you should be able to click the about me for comfortableshoesstudio on the right and then on the left of the page click the contact me. :)

  8. Hi Leslie,
    I follow your videos at YouTube and surely will follow things here as well. I would love to subscribe to the paper version of your magazine, but living in Europe I fear a bit for the postal costs. We'll see.
    Wishing you and your friend Jane already success whit y this project!