Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Experiment #2

Leslie's Results:
This week my selection from my Field Experiment includes a few select items from my desk and a quick partial portrait. I'm still digging the Uniball Signo pens. I really like that they stay put and dry quickly. The paper in the Field Notes paper can not handle watercolors so I'm sticking to black and white.

One of the things I find most interesting about Dan Price's book How to Make a Journal of Your Life is that he's one of the few art journaling people that actually advocates that you don't give yourself a schedule to write and work in your journal but that you allow the process to occur naturally. his approach is to avoid rules, all rules.This is an important part of this week's journal, I did not work in my journal everyday this week. I simply didn't have time.

He also advocates the use of cameras. I took a bunch of images at Beverly Arts Fest today. I'm going to to look into the best way to transfer them to my Field Notes.

Jane's Results:
I have recently started a new job and it is sucking up all of my time and energy just to get up to speed. One day this week a I did manage to get out to a park and with my little field notes book and pens in hand I managed to squeeze out a quick 20 minute sketch.
It really was a stress reliever. 
I also sketched a tree next to an ice cream shop in Salem before the week got started. I find a lot of comfort in trees. They seem so peaceful and wise. So rooted. 
And here in the middle of a city next to a cement ice cream cone and several planters is this old tree just stretching up toward the sky--oblivious to the chaos down below. All knowing, yet silently watching as life plays out. Oh, if trees could talk...

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