Monday, June 11, 2012

Field Experiments #1

Jane and I are conducting an experiment. It’s pretty simple, you give two artists identical journals, identical pens and they read the same art journaling book then over the course of the next month they journal. Results to be posted once a week.

The book we chose to read for this particular experiment was Dan “Hobo” Price’s How to Make a Journal of Your Life. The journals we are using are plain Field Notes. For pens we have the following all Uniball, Signo Bit .18, Signo DX .28, Signo DX .38 and a Signo Broad White. If you would like to experiment along with us, the names of each item links to where you can get your own, all pens were purchased via JetPens. I bought the Field Notes directly from Field Notes but they are also available from JetPens. The D.Price books is no longer in print but I found a used copy on Amazon from an independent seller.
 Leslie's Experiment Results:

For my first entry I had gone to a local Cafe, Gulu Gulu and had brunch with my partner. I sketched while chatting with her and the bartender. It was wonderfully relaxing to do a little sketching while we waited for our food and I sipped my coffee. I used to be very intimidated by drawing in public, afraid people would judge my ability or not like that I was drawing them or their stuff. I’ve found that mostly, adults ignore me, especially if I have a small sketchbook like the Field Notes. Kids will look over my shoulder, or ask me if I’m an artist. Mostly, people ignore me.

This is a close up of my sketch of the Gulu Gulu logo, a French Bulldog.
The mugs are simple ceramic and hefty. They keep my hot coffee hot.

Jane's Experiment Results:

I got my Field Notes before I got the Uniball, Signo Bit .18, Signo DX .28, Signo DX .38 and a Signo Broad White pens. As you can see, the pens I did use bled through to the other side. I sat in the car in front of the bank when my husband ran in to get money and drew the tree. We were heading to Vermont and the next drawing in my husband reading from the deck of the place we were staying in Vermont. 

Here you can see the images from the other side bleeding through the paper. 
I really wanted to try contour drawing as suggested in the D. Price book. We went on a brewery tour on one of our days in Vermont and which ended with a stop at the bar to sample the beers. This is where I drew the moose. Funny how both Leslie and I ended up drawing in bars. Bars are actually great places to draw because people are more into their own thing and they tend to stay longer in one place. Again the see through is annoying, but now I have the right pens so I think I'll be happier the next time I post.


  1. I love this new post! I wish I was there sketching too! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next:)

    1. :) The more the merrier! I'd love to have an art journaling and sketch meet up!

  2. Love this idea! You guys are having such fun with this idea. I look forward to the ways the journals progress.

    1. :) it's going to be a blast. Also having to share the work is going to help keep us on track.

  3. Yes, very interesting experiment. Great idea for pairing up with another artist. Looking forward to future posts.