Monday, June 25, 2012

Field Experiment #3

Jane's Results
Working more and more with the field Notes sketch book, I've been finding I need a special place for my book and pens  to make them more accessible during the work day.I needed something to hold everything together so I don't have to scrounge around in the bottom of my purse to find the right pens.

I had this old brush holder that I really never liked because it didn't protect the hairs enough, so I decided to repurpose it to be my Field Kit.
 I just folded the bottom up so the brush slots were shorter so my pens would not get lost. I jsut sewed the sides together. Look at my Frankenstein stitches! Sewing is not my thing and if I would have found a stapler it probably would have been stapled together, but this works.
I have also been finding that I needed a hard surface when I sat outside in the park at lunch time. The Field Notes cover is very soft. So I cut a piece of mat board to fit and stitched on either side of it to hold it in place.

When all folded up it looks like this. Perfect to fit into my purse.

This week has been a little hectic. I really only drew twice and here are my results. The first drawing is from the park at lunchtime. 

I also am trying to see the different results I am getting from my different size pens. I used the white pen for the first time this week as well. And often on week ends when I see my husband, he becomes the subject of my drawing, although he doesn't really like when I draw him while he's talking to me. :-)

Leslie's Results

This week has been hectic for me as well. I found myself dropping off and later picking cars up at the mechanic. Not a lot of fun. I also found myself walking a lot and I stupidly walked with flip flops on. Not my brightest idea ever.

Because of my lack of time I decided to embrace the D. Price idea of photos in my art journal. I used my iP0d touch and Hipstamatic to take some pics on the bus into Boston and at the dim sum place we went to. I later printed them out with my Polaroid Pogo, cut them square and then stuck them into my Field Notes. I'm not overly excited with how they turned out. I've included pics of my pages and the 2 image I used as a Pogo print. I think I need to find another way to print my images.

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