Monday, August 13, 2012

Fiedl Experiment #10

Leslie's Results
It's hard to believe we have been doing this for 10 weeks already. Time flies when you're having fun!

My coworker goes to SLC every year for vacation and every year she brings back really great salt water taffy. I'm on a diet and needed to slow my consumption so I decided to take a moment and sketch the taffy. I've been sketching them ever since. What a great and variable model for sketching. I can flip the taffy on a different side or twist it in another direction so each piece is a model a dozen times over!

Jane's Results
This week I had a Field notes scare! From Wednesday through Friday I couldn't find my book. When I finally did find it the first thing I did was put my address and phone number in the front and grabbed many of my random sketchbooks and did the same.  I know all of the books about journaling advise to do that but it one of those things I put off, up there with getting proper insurance or creating a will.

One page of this sketch was made while sitting in a park in Salem looking at the cool old buildings. The other was made while sitting on my back porch referencing the first sketch.
I really like the stone window sills of these old houses. And Salem actually has a window box contest so they are prevalent everywhere. But what I really like about this sketch is the viewer-you-can't really tell which is from life and which is from my head, because actually they both are from my head which is what is so cool about art.

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  1. i lost my journal when I went to Ireland! thank god I had my name in it! A guy from Ohio found it and sent it to me! I had left it in the bathroom on the plane! I couldn't believe he actually sent it to me!