Monday, August 20, 2012

Field Experiment #11

Leslie's Results
I'm still drawing the salt water taffy. I added to it a key chain that another coworker brought back from her travels to Brazil. NPR had a recent piece on the "Ghost Army," which a friend told me about and I decided to read about. Fascinating. I drew their logo and one of the rubber tanks.

Jane's Results
Every morning with my coffee I' sat at the back porch and drew my husband's fisherman's lamp. The thing is hideous. But my husband really likes it so he was banished from the living room but resides on the porch. One day he will live in a man cave. (When Tom gets a man cave). I wrote a story about his life. (The fisherman's not Tom)

I worked really hard this week. By Friday night I was burnt. We got chinese food. I opened one of my fortune cookies and sure enough, Tom found a typo. Tom, who is a printer, (and one of our proofreaders for PioP) finds typos all the time.

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