Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Experiment #18

Leslie's Results
This was a hard week to keep up with my field experiment. I found the time and in the end it was worth it. I have a ton of work to do on my chipin campaign art cards and images. I also found out that my maternal grandmother had a stroke and was expected to pass away within the week. In among making plans for travel, and keeping in touch with my family in  Maine, this was a hard week.

I've been working on some figure drawing through Drawing Tutorials Online, it's been fun and challenging. I worked small in my Field Experiment sketchbook, in light blue ink, then black. Finally I wanted to add some color to the page so I layered in some bright yellow ink. I rather addicted to the bright yellow ink.

Jane's Results

I did very little in my field notes this week as well. But I did spend many hours painting. I made these for my grandson who was born this June. It felt good to be working with a paintbrush again. I have one more week of field notes before I can start working in color again. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to just 3 pens but that is what I did all summer and now I have a visual memory of the summer of 2012 including a few tributes to my new grandson. 

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