Monday, October 15, 2012

Field Experiment #19

Leslie's Results
The first image here is a drawing I did of a friend of mine from HS. He posted this as his new FB profile pic, I liked the light in it and decided to sketch it. I started out with a light blue Uniball Signo pen and then added more uniball signo in black. The back ground was filled in with Kuretake Clean Color brush pens.

 I've been doing some figure drawing exercises, and these was from the focus on feet. Again I started out with the light blue Uniball pen, but this time added definition with the Kuretake clean color brush pen in black . The Yellow in the background is ink in a waterbrush. I'm still digging the bright pop of color the yellow gives.

Jane's Results
I decided to borrow a technique from Ted Micu for the field note entry. I was thinking about some issues at work and I wanted to write my thoughts. This whole drawing is created from words except for the silhouetted foreground images. 

I used the fine tip pen for the clouds and varied the direction I wrote around them.

I found this was a great way to brainstorm ideas or do brain dumps. It's amazing how many words will fit when writing like this. By the end of the exercise, I had resolved my thoughts about work and was just trying to find words to finish the pictures. 

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