Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: 2 Zentangle Books

Zentangling is a good starting point if you are seeking a way to activate your creativity, particularly if you think you aren’t creative. It’s a good way to learn a few patterns for doodles in your art journal while you mull over a great idea or when you need a break from slopping paint around the page.

Zentangles really simplify the process of creativity. Using the process you can get arty without worrying about ideas because Zentangle has it all figured out for you. Follow their step-by-step process and you’ll find an arty groove.

I look at zentangle as an art and creativity gateway drug, once you start tangling, you’ll want to try more and more types of art. Below are 2 books you can check out to get you started.

Totally Tangled, Sandy Steen Bartholomew
This book is the longest clocking in at 50 pages. She devotes 2 pages to materials and 4 pages to starting out. The next 30 pages are packed full of Zentangle ideas. The final 10 pages are inspiration for using Zentangles in other ways, adding pastels, color, shading etc to the tangles.

Zentangle Basics Suzanne McNeill
This is a slim book, a total of 18 pages. One page is dedicated to materials- pencils, pigma microns, and tiles. The same page also tells you about tangling with kids. the next page tells you about the string, after that it’s all tangles and patterns. The final page of the book tell you about adding tangles to scrapbook pages and using it as an embellishment.

All of the books I’ve found go through a basic set of instructions: tools needed, starting out your tile, and then lists of tangles you can create. They also tend to be pretty short. The various tangles are given names and you’re given specific instructions on how to create them as repeating patterns. To find more patterns all  you have to do is look online at the various zentangle forums

It’s hard to write a review on these books because Zentangle is a technique and isn’t so much something people can add too much of their own spin. To teach zentangle you have to become a certified instructor. The word Zentangle is trademarked. Check out these sites for more tangles.

Offical Zentangle
Zentangle Blog

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