Monday, October 22, 2012

Field Experiment #20

Leslie's Results
This week was much easier in terms of finding the time to work. I worked on lunch breaks and after work. Instead of feeling stressed or pressured I leaned toward feeling enjoyment in the simple act of centering myself with drawing.

Jane's Results
I've not been to reliable putting up my results lately. I think that has a little to do with the fact that I have issues with endings, and I have completed the end of my Field notes book.

Endings put a lot of pressure on me. I feel like they have to be special or bigger than usual. Maybe that's because I generally have issues with finishing things and because doing so is so rare I feel like it needs to be special. It helped me to think of ending this experiment with the beginning of a new one. 
It also helped me to write about how I felt to create a little journal that documents the summer of 2012 for me. The summer that my grandson, Ryan was born. The summer I got a new, very challenging, but rewarding job. The summer I finally got a dishwasher, along with a whole new kitchen. (the finishing touches we just did this weekend) 

Words about how I feel about ending this journal written over and over in both directions.

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