Monday, July 2, 2012

Field Experiment #4

Leslie's Results:
This week was less busy in one sense than the last but still I found time to work in my Field Notes. I sketched a quick tomato from the farmer's market on the page. I was really itching for a watercolor wash on this one but it would ruin the previous pages. I also did a quick sketch of my Izze ginger ale I had as a treat on a particularly hot day. I also lamented that my former "smart" phone is no longer so smart and seems to have issues with memory and what not. Oh well. I also had to blur out a section with a pro/con list I made. The joy thing on the right is from my frozen yogurt cone I got in Boston.

Jane's Results:

It's been a really busy week. Lot's going on in life plus it's hot. My sketches are pretty pathetic this week but I did doodle two pages. One day I sketched new baby Ryan from a photo on my iphone. I had to sketch quickly because the phone kept going black. I really didn't relax enough this week so it was hard to sketch.

Saturday I had to be out of my house because the plaster/drywall guys were drywalling my kitchen. I tried to find a spot down by the water. I sketched this sailboat and a couple of people in the  water and a quick sketch of a guy talking to some people, but then he left.
I also sat on my back deck and tried to sketch the different layers of trees. It's hard to capture the texture and depth of the layers of trees in front and back.
But drawing branches like this does appeal to my sense of line. 

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