Monday, July 16, 2012

Field Experiment #6

Leslie's Results

It's been an action packed week here. I've spent a lot of it running around to various and assorted places. I made time to get to the Farmer's Market and buy a few more tomatoes, and I couldn't not resist drawing them again. This time I didn't wait until I was starving and actually cooking to draw them.

While moving the lawn furniture while mowing them lawn we found a small speckled shell from an egg. I'm unsure if the baby bird hatched or if another bird or cat ate the baby bird just as it hatched. It was in perfect shape on the lawn chair, so it was a weird spot for the shell.
 While on one of my walks I found a few snails. I took the opportunity to examine them closely and draw them.

Jane's Results

This was a hot week and I hadn't drawn anything all week long. By Friday I was fried on many levels. By the time I got to my back porch to sit down and relax I had a very bad headache. I think it was sinus and allergy related but it was consuming me.
But I sketched anyway. Drawing this little guy actually gave me a little relief. It's been so hot that I spent most of my relaxing time this weekend on my back porch. I started Saturday morning with coffee there. This is my coffee cup. I have one cup of coffee in this cup every morning and I never use the cup for anything else.
The little bug on the bottom is how I image those heat bugs look like that you hear on the hot summer days. I don't think I've ever seen one and I don't have a clue what they really look like. I have to admit though, they do produce one of my favorite sounds.


  1. This is so great!Remarkable to keep on sketching and do it through pain and the busy-ness of the day.So inspiring showing how important it is to write and/or sketch no matter how rough things can be.

  2. I have found it really relaxing to stop what I'm doing and grab my little Field Notes and sketch away for 15 or 20 minutes. Sometimes just jotting down a few ideas.