Monday, July 23, 2012

Field Experiment #7

Leslie's Results
I’ve been able to spend much of the week off from the DayJob. It’s been a  welcome and relaxing staycation where I’ve focused on not much else than making art and drinking coffee. I’ve been focusing my efforts of art making on the thank you ATC for the members of so I haven’t drawn in my sketchbooks as much as I normally would. But I did make some time to work in the Field Notes over the last few days.

Jane's Results
This first drawing is the corner of my desk. I stayed in for lunch but resisted the pull to just work. I took a few minutes to draw. Then later in the week I worked in color in two sketchbooks I needed to mail to my grand daughter. We have a sketchbook exchange that has slowed down recently.  Then I did a few little sketches back in the field  notes on Saturday. This week I am going to try to more random little sketches in the field notes. The size and paper begs for doodling mindlessly. I've always been a phone doodler so this week at work I will keep my book open all day long and just doodle.

This is my pencil holder. It's filled mostly with colored highlighters and pens. Not fun pens. Just regular functional ball point pens...which can be fun too if you let them play.
Saturday was a beautiful day. We were just sitting in a small park talking about how nice the day was and trying to do a little sketching. This couple sat down at the table next to us to have ice cream. I could not believe how thin this woman's arms were. I exaggerate but jeez! I think I would gain 5 pounds on the spot if I ate ice cream.

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