Monday, July 30, 2012

Field Experiment #8

Leslie's Results
This has been a crazy busy week for me. I can't even go into how nutty it has been. I've had several hour and a half long commutes and simply a ton of work. I finished my Thank You ATC project for AJ Ning this week. I still made time to draw in the Field Notes. Picking up the little sketchbook has and immediate relaxing effect no matter the subject or time of day.

Jane's Results
One of my drawings this week–my sunglasses–I did during a lunch break from work. I walked down to a small park and sat on a bench. My glasses become the subject of my drawing that day. I experienced the same immediate relaxing results as Leslie talks about. Seriously, this was a two minute drawing.

My father had a heart attack this week. He's fine. In fact he's home already (against his Dr.'s advice) but the doodles on page one, including the man were done while talking on the phone dealing with my aging parents.

The last drawing was from a very weird dream I had Saturday night. She was so vivid in my dream I just had to record her. My first glance of her was of her giant long toenails and as I gazed up I noticed her dark fine feathers and her beak. I could not see any eyes. I was being asked, (in my dream) to help to make her feel comfortable and not self conscious. I woke up at this point feeling challenged.

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