Monday, September 10, 2012

Field Experiment #14

Leslie's Results
I have to say this week has been crazy busy with my DayJob, the Sketch Up, working on PioP, contacting the next round or writers and artists, but I have worked in my Field Experiment book. I'm now working in a Bandit Apple Carnet Peewee blank notebook. I picked up one with a "manuka honey" colored cover. the price is only about 20 cents higher than a single Field Notes and the paper is much better, and the spine is stitched, but it's not made in the US. This is my ONLY rub with the product.

I've been noodling out ideas in my Field Experiment book. This was my idea for the recent Sketch Up posts. I've got a few more that I think you'll enjoy. I'll post those later.

Jane's Results

Often I jsut start off drawing my favorite shapes, usually rounded shaded objects, when I don't know what I'm going to do. They often turn into rocks but this time they turned into jelly fish. It made me remember that at one time I thought I might like to be a biological illustrator. I used to love to look at the illustrations in old books of plants and creatures. But then I learned you needed a Degree Science as well as art. At 18 years old, this seemed overwhelming to me.

Later I sat down to relax with a glass of wine.I really am captured by the way glass reflects light and shadows. It's a clear, transparent object, yet it has so many levels of color and value

I still have a few pages left in my Field Notes book.

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