Monday, September 17, 2012

Field Experiment #15

Leslie Results
 I've been checking out the awesome Illustrated Friday blog and webpage. While I've not actually participated in IF I like the idea of it. The image on the lower left of the above page is my idea for tall. When I was in college there was a guy who was 7 feet tall. He was super nice and once at Bumstock, back in 1996, I think, he lifted me up and put  me on his shoulders so I could see. It was crazy being up that high and on someone's shoulders.
While I waited for my orthodontist appointment I sketched these images. A girl, around 14 or 15 noticed I was sketching and was really cute about my drawings. It was sweet and totally made me feel good. We were both seen in the orthodontist's office at the same time and the whole time she had a smile. That's the kind of positive vibe art should give.

Jane's Results

This week my husband and I finally go on vacation. We go to Maine. I've been thinking about it a lot and even though I was looking at trees in my backyard  when I drew this picture on the left side, I was thinking of Maine. We also recently reviewed our budget–something we started doing from time to time. Instead of jotting down little budget notes on a scrap of paper and then loosing them, I decided to use my field notes.  That way if I ever want to look back, I will find my notes because I will never throw away this summer journey of journaling. 

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