Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review in Use: Journal Junkies 365 Toner Transfer

The Journal Junkies refer to toner transfers in both their books. I hav enot had good luck with toner transfers. Generally speaking, they have failed miserably for me. I've used almost every product ever suggested to me over the years with a big fail. The Journal Junkies suggested a product I had not used, Goof Off in the metal can. It is not expensive so I decided to go for it.

It works, it works really well.

You'll need the following products for this:
Goof off in the metal can
Well ventilated area
Old Spoon, metal or wood
Bristle Brush, natural hair bristles
Masking tape
Toner based print, either from a photocopy machine or a laser printer

Goof off has some nasty chemicals in it, one of them is Xylene, the other is acetone. Don't do this in a small enclosed room, you won't feel good. I had 2 windows open and a fan going.

If you don't have a laser printer make a bunch of prints and go to your local office supply store or copy shop and make a photocopy. Don't do a lot of copies, fresh prints works best for this method.

Some brands of toner work better than others. Brother toner works really well.

Enough blathering, go watch the video.:

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  1. When i seen ya use the gun & heart,what came to mind was... "Shot through the heart" lol Can't wait to get some & try it.
    Hugs, Poe